Is this course for me?

If you fit any of these descriptions, this course is tailor-made to help you!

  • You're struggling to stay fit due to LIMITED TIME as a busy mother.

  • You're TIRED of putting in long hours at the gym and in the kitchen in an attempt to see real results.

  • You want the guidance of a personal trainer & nutrition coach, but the EXPENSE & COMMITMENT are just too much.

  • You're ready to INVEST IN YOURSELF and learn how to build HEALTHY SUSTAINABLE HABITS as a busy mom!


"Honestly, I've never felt better and stronger in my life!

"I want to highly recommend the Busy Moms Get Fit course. I have lost 10kg in 9 months and everywhere I go people are complimenting me on how good I look!

Honestly, I've never felt better and stronger in my life!  I joined the course a couple of months ago and even though the program was in its very early stages, I managed to get SO much out of it. 

I've learned about balanced nutrition which does not make me feel deprived, the basics of workouts, how to make my own workouts without needing a trainer next to me and how to incorporate all of this in between juggling my busy lifestyle.   

Tova is an amazing trainer because she has such a welcoming approach to wellbeing. She encourages making small changes at a time so that there are sustainable results."

And just who's behind all this...

Hey there, I'm Tova! Let me tell you a little about me, why I've built this course for you & how it's will change your life like not other fitness program!

As a personal trainer, nutrition coach and busy mom of two, I understand the struggle of trying to stay fit while balancing career and child-rearing.

My job has become increasingly busier along with each child, leaving me less time to exercise and prepare healthy meals; yet I've become more fit after having each kid!

I know this sounds crazy, but the fact that I have increasingly limited time actually led me to discover the BEST secrets to getting my body to be more fit than it was before having children! I discovered that you DON'T need a lot of time each day to have a body-transforming workout, you DON'T need to cook gourmet meals, and you definitely should NOT be on a diet!

I incorporate all of these secrets and tips into my private exercise and nutrition sessions, but that drastically limits the number of women I can help. This is why I've decided to create this course; so that I can help busy women EVERYWHERE feel confident and in control of their bodies! (Oh, and did I mention for a lower cost than my start-up personal training package!)

This course is designed to educate you in the essentials of proper exercise and nutrition, guide you in learning the best (and realistic) ways to exercise and eat as a busy mom, and finally to show you how to implement and maintain this throughout your life!

As the famous saying goes: "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." This is what I want to offer you.

Unlike your average exercise program, I am not going to simply tell you what do to and have you follow blindly and dependently. I want to teach you why the information I'm giving you is important, how my fitness plan affects your body, and what you can do as a busy mom so that you can create your own exercise plans and meal options without being dependent on anyone to see continued results! My goal is for you to feel empowered and in control of your body!

The course will be split into three modules: Exercise, Nutrition, and Implementation & Mindset.

Along with the course lessons, there are full-length workout videos, workout plans, meal outlines, exercise and nutrition PDF tool to downloads, the complete Busy Moms Get Fit recipe e-book, and more to offer you an all-inclusive learning experience!

I guide you step by step in how to incrementally implement all of this into your life, just like I do with my private clients so that it STICKS!

Once you enroll you will have access to our private "Busy Mom's Get Fit" Facebook community, where moms can support & motivate each other, and of course, ask me any questions!

I'm truly looking forward to teaching you how to take control of your body as a busy mom and turn it into a sustainable lifestyle! It has changed my life and I know it will transform yours as well!

Oh, and by the way, you can join totally RISK-FREE!

**This course comes with a 30 DAY CASHBACK GUARANTEE!**

If you're not happy, I'm not happy. 

If you've gone through the entire course and aren't happy within 30 days of purchase, you'll get a full refund!


Imagine where you'll be just 6-months from now if you start your journey today!


Course Outline


- Lesson 1: Exercise basics

- Lesson 2: The BEST time-saving exercise methods

- Lesson 3: Tackling your target areas

- Lesson 4: Setting up your perfect weekly routine

- Lesson 5: Realistically working out with distractions, schedule shifts, and kids!



- Lesson 1: Nutrition basics and common misconceptions

- Lesson 2: How to eat and enjoy life

- Lesson 3: Meal-prep time-savers & how to shop

- Lesson 4: Family cooking vs. you cooking

- Lesson 5: Resisting temptation



- Lesson 1: Combining exercise & nutrition

- Lesson 2: Consistency & Habit-building

- Lesson 3: How to avoid "falling off the wagon" & how to get back on if you do

-Lesson 4: Tracking your progress

-Lesson 5: Your secret weapon!


This course is worth 1 YEAR of private training!

Let's do the math: $76 (session) x twice a week (average) x 48 weeks (1 year) = $7,296. BUT, you can sign up today for just $499! That's just 6.5 personal training sessions at a 96 session value!



Let's see what these busy moms have to say!


"Tova has quite literally changed my life. From feeling exhausted and low on energy ALL the time, which I just attributed to a really busy lifestyle, I am now able to get through a full work day and still come home and enjoy being with my kids and actually get things done! This is obviously aside from all the physical improvements I have seen in my body, my weight and my nutritional habits...What makes Tova different to other personal trainers? She cares about YOU, your health, your emotional state, your goals, and is always checking where you are at."


"Tova completely changed my attitude toward exercise, my health and nutrition and my body. When I started with her, I was completely discouraged, stressed out, and insanely busy. Unbeknownst to me, she was just pregnant with her beautiful daughter - in spite of that, she gave 1000% to every single session. She was certainly stronger, healthier, and more energetic than me!! It made me work hard to keep up and truly inspired me. She was such an embodiment of everything connected to the idea that nutrition + working out is a key part of health. It absolutely helped me get into better shape on every level. I lost weight, I ate better (mostly), I slept better, and I was overall less stressed out."


"I still remember what Tova said to me at our first meeting- “I can teach you and show you what you need to do but you have to trust me. The work and change have to come from you...” I was sure I was going to fail but took a leap of faith. I did everything Tova said, even when it felt like it was going against what I thought was right, but I knew it hadn’t really been working for me, so I listened and changed the way I had been training, trusted and began eating in an organized and healthy way. And low and behold when you do what she says......RESULTS!!!!! Far beyond what I could have ever imagined for myself. Tova pushes me to my limits and helps me prove to myself over and over again that I CAN do it. The experience with Tova for me is not only about strength of body but also strength of mind over body. She’s always there with the right advice, whispering support and suggesting changes.... I’ve learned to trust her and now there’s no looking back for me!"
Rebecca Sigala Boudoir Photography


Rebecca Sigala Boudoir Photography

"I loved that Tova incorporated things I loved into my diet, such as a night time snack of air-popped popcorn with coconut oil or a piece of dark chocolate. She's also a fan of red wine, which made me fall in love with her from the moment we started talking about food... My diet was and still is, high protein, lots of veggies, low-carb (but I do eat grains), and I still have my dairy bio yogurt every morning. Nothing was radical. It was balanced and filling. I felt in control...I followed a fitness plan that catered to my personal goals, such as toning my abdomen area and firming up my backside. High intensity interval training is the way to go ladies. Tova's got it DOWN." Read the full blog post here!


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So, NOW it's time to make your decision...

Are you ready to make a real sustainable change? Are you ready to reclaim your body & energy? I think it's time to stop putting your health on the back-burner, mama! Do you agree?